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As Mamluk, we aim to develop the Egyptian industry through reviving traditional Islamic Arts and translating them into contemporary modern designs to restore our heritage in a way that copes with the modern times.

We have 3 main streams to achieve our vision: Academy, Store and Design house.



Mostafa Sedky, Graduated from faculty of engineering, after 9 years experience in his field he took the decision to establish Mamluk Art House in 2018. Mostafa delivered more than 25 advanced course in Geometric design, about 40 workshops, He participated in many events and conferences related to the field like Islamic art confronts extremism at Alex bebilotheca.
He delivered also workshops in Cairo Facutly of fine Arts and Islamic Art Museum in Cairo.
He was one of the team members of Rescuing Mamluk Minbars project running by Egyptian Heritage rescue foundation, as he was responsible for analyzing Mamluk patterns and re-illustrating the perfect pattern.

He initiated Reviving Islamic Art project in 2019.

He created the first complete curriculum for studying Geometric patterns, now 5 diplomas are running in parallel for learning this art.

He established Mamluk HuB in 2021.

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